Play Magic? Want to earn 100% credit on your game trade-ins?

Hey there everyone! I just wanted to announced a new promotion we're trying out (which, if it goes well, will be a permanent thing at Forgotten Freshness).

For the foreseeable future, trade in any high-end game (an uncommon or rare game with a $50 or more average selling price) towards the purchase of Magic: The Gathering singles and get 100% of the game's average value in credit.  In addition to this, all other games traded towards Magic singles will get a 50% bonus trade credit (all credit with a bonus must be used on Magic the Gathering singles).

For example, your Magic Knight Rayearth for Sega Saturn could be worth $230, enough to buy 2 Near-Mint Force of Wills! Got a couple extra Super Mario Bros. 3's lying around? The average trade-in on SMB3 is $8, so if you put it towards MTG singles you're looking at $12 instead. Pretty significant if you're trying to throw together a new deck or round out an old one.

This promotion will likely be tweaked a little before it's made permanent, but if you're looking for some new cards for your decks bring those high-end games through and get the best trade-in deal you'll ever get: FULL VALUE.