Tarzan, the Web Store, and the work piling on.

Hello everyone!

          Things at Forgotten Freshness have been crazy. With the amount of stuff coming in faster than we can inventory it, the road trips for buying and selling, and trying to manage the floor inventory, website inventory, and social media outlets all at once - our heads are spinning. The website inventory had been planned to be updated by mid-summer, but that fell through in interest of prioritizing. It is still being worked on periodically so ALWAYS CHECK BACK for new items. We try to add a handful every week (mostly in NES at the moment) to keep progress moving. Once we're caught up in-store, which is getting close I hope, I'll have more time to edit the site and upload more items for sale. On behalf of FF, we're sorry the webstore hasn't been all it can be yet, but our physical store location always comes first.

          Now! Some exciting news on the product front. In a crazy bout of luck, this item was stumbled across IN THE WILD. Less than 10 confirmed copies in existence. The elusive, the coveted, Tarzan Big Box Bundle for Nintendo 64:

Seriously. This thing is rare as can be. There's more copies of Stadium Events in player's hands than this bundle. We're currently accepting offers on it, with an auto-accept on an offer of at least $2,000. It will include the third spare figure as well.

As always, thank you all for being part of our family at Forgotten Freshness. Going 10 years strong, we never forget your support. Thank you thank you thank you!