Below is some information about our yearly convention / vacation time.

(The store will be closed the following dates)

Summer Vacation / Convention Season

(June 18th - June 28th 2017)


We will be out of town setting up at the Too Many Games festival in PA for 2017! Come see us! www.TooManyGames.com 

NOTE: We will re-open Thursday, June 29th for business as usual! Stay tuned for other convention info as we will be at another convention in September, with a potential setup in November as well.

Winter Vacation

(January 1st 2018 - January 8th 2018)


Winter Vacation is used mostly for inventorying the stock room and getting new stuff out for the beginning of the year. Again, I am willing to meet customers to shop by appointment if I'll be in town the day you want to come in.